About Me

Where am I right now? I'm currently cooking up JavaScript at Rangle.io. Here's a little history about myself.


  • Wrote my first line of code during my first semester studying mechanical engineering. It was C, and the very first assignment had me feeling like:

  • overwhelmed


  • Landed my first internship at a small software start-up developing an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for manufacturing companies




  • Joined Rangle.io

  • Built Angular HN, a progressive Hacker News client that was featured at Google I/O

  • Angular HN
  • Helped Addy Osmani from the Google Chrome team build HNPWA, a comprehensive list of progressive Hacker News clients built with different frameworks (also featured at Google I/O)

  • Talked about Progressive Web Applications in an episode of Adventures in Angular

  • Gave a talk on progressive web patterns at Web Performance Toronto

  • My blog surpassed 100,000+ pageviews with one of my more recents posts being ranked by MyBridge as the number one Angular article for 2017

  • Published Modern AngularJS 1.x, a detailed book that shows you how to build an organized and powerful web application with AngularJS using modern concepts and tools, with Fullstack.io

  • Modern AngularJS 1.x
  • Gave a talk about the PRPL pattern at SeattleJS

  • Couldn't find a mobile GitHub client that I liked to use, so I built GitPoint.

  • GitPoint

    In roughly four months of launching, the app has garnered over 200,000 Twitter impressions, 7000+ users, 2700+ GitHub stars and 68 contributors. The reception has been overwhelmingly positive and the community support has been amazing. GitPoint would not be close to where it is now without the help of some amazing contributors.

  • Spoke about progressive web patterns at FITC Web Unleashed, FullStack Toronto, Full Stack Fest, AngularBeers Barcelona and HamOnt JS.

  • Future

  • Currently writing a book about mobile development with React Native

  • Applying to speak at more events, writing more blog posts and staying chill (literally, it's already getting cold here in Toronto :O).